EBB, a novel

Foreign publishers interested in reading an English sample of my novel EBB can contact the Foreign rights manager of my Dutch publisher Querido.


Chapter 3. Stargazer

Counting stars does not console her now, as it never has, and it does not make her sleepy either, as it has never made her sleepy before. So many stars, and it always begins with the first one coming out. It’s not about a hundred or a thousand, she thinks, It’s not about people in the future you will never know and will never count. It’s only about the one, the one who is by your side, who is yours. The one at whose beginning you were present and who will be there at your own end. Maybe Abraham is contented, maybe gazing up at heaven offers him comfort and hope, but Sarah, she is certain, has never again looked up at the stars but points her gaze downward at her belly. At night in the dark, when Abraham crawls on top of her again, he believes he can see the stars glistening in her eyes. And Sarah turns her head away and dries her tears on Abraham’s beard.

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