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Israeli production of Kafka’s Harem

Talia Levin has translated Kafka’s Harem into Hebrew and will also star in the Israeli production which will be performed in Tel Aviv.

Scene 6 (fragment)

MILENA: He was ill, Dora. He had to attach himself to someone. You just came along at the right time.

DORA: He wasn’t too ill to choose, Milena! He chose me. He thought he would get better. I thought he would get better.

MILENA: And then? What would you have done?

DORA: We would have emigrated to Tel Aviv and have opened a restaurant. I would be the cook and he would be the waiter.

MILENA: You know how to cook for one, not for a room full of people. And he? A waiter? My god, Dora! He’s a writer!

DORA: We would have succeeded.

MILENA: And what about his writing?

DORA: His writing! His writing! I don’t care about his writing! It wasn’t important in our relationship! I fell in love with a man, not with a writer. He’d changed, Milena. He didn’t have to write anymore. He had me. I was enough.

Kafka’s Harem

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